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Research Areas

Textile Science and Engineering

Textile Science and Engineering as the first-grade discipline aims to train the highly qualified practical innovative talents, adheres to the concept of talent cultivation Deep foundation and broad platform, and insists onindustry-academy-research strategic alliance as a platform. The discipline is characterized by subject chain, specialty chain joining industry chain, and highlights the combination of practice ability and innovation ability training, forming a disciplinary layout of “Big textile” with interdisciplinary integration of engineering, design, art and management and coordinated development. Textile Science and Engineering focuses on strengthening the team, cultivating the innovation spirit and practice ability of graduate student, building a quality guarantee system for graduate student, and improving the cultivating quality of graduate student. The discipline strides forward to the high level actively, makes the comprehensive strength arriving the top level in other disciplines throughout the country, and provides high quality talents for Shanghai or even the field of textile and apparel in China.

This discipline cultivates morally, intellectually and physically developed high level academic and application-oriented talents, with the following requirements: love the motherland, support the leadership of the communist party of China, abide by law and discipline, have good moral, and serve the socialist construction; master a foreign language skillfully, and can read the professional literatures in foreign language; have strong spirit of innovation, ability of practice, master solid theoretical basis and systematic professional knowledge, can be familiar with the research trends and academic research achievement of this subject, meet the need of modern textile technology development, and can be capable of the relevant teaching, research and engineering technique and management work.

Main research: Advanced textile processing technology and design and development of textiles. Research on novel spinning and weaving technologies, fabrication of digital fabrics and the corresponding equipments, Development of composite textile materials, high-performance fibers and high value-added technical textiles; Ecological dyeing and finishing technology of textile and high-performance functional textiles. Development and application of green textile chemicals, development of novel ecological energy-saving dyeing and finishing technologies, surface modification technologies of textile materials and development of high-performance functional textiles.

Master of Engineering degree will be granted to students with qualified performance.

Fashion Design and Engineering

Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline has become Shanghai key disciplines of fashion design and engineering research platform and refined clothing CAD/CAM teaching base including advanced Lectra apparel CAD system, Gerber apparel CAD system, PrimaVision CAD system, Sweden ETON intelligent clothing hanging production management system, three-dimensional body scanners imported in Germany and relatively complete textile testing and finishing equipment. The discipline has clothing research center and clothing central laboratory that provide foundation for further experiment research to train postgraduates. The discipline forms distinctive characteristics in four research areas including digital fashion design and manufacture, fashion design and technology, ecological and functional fabrics, clothing marketing research.

After years of teaching practice, the discipline has 7 professors, 19 associate professors, more than 20 lecturers, in which there are 11 master supervisors. The faculty members ensure teacher quality support with reasonable professional, learning-origin structure and age. The disciple aims to service regional economies through building persistent production and study cooperation in scientific research bases with Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Company, Shanghai Textile Research Institute, Shanghai Clothing Research Institute, etc. These research bases become necessary conditions for cultivating school and enterprise joint postgraduate and offer scholarships for postgraduates. The postgraduates can apply innovation projects funded by universities and Shanghai every year.

The learning exchange program agreements to cooperate to cultivate postgraduates have been formally signed between Shanghai University of Engineering Science and DOMUS ACADEMY. According to the agreement signed by the two universities, the postgraduates studying apparel marketing can exchange study for a year in DOMUS ACADEMY after they complete first year courses in Shanghai University of Engineering Science since 2009. These postgraduates continue to their study in Shanghai University of Engineering Science after they complete required courses in DOMUS ACADEMY. (DOMUS ACADEMY Websitewww.domusacademy.com)

Main research: Digital fashion design and novel manufacturing technology. Research on 3D body measurement, human body modeling, fabric simulation, 3D garment virtual exhibition, MTM technology and garment CAD, research on fashion design principle, structural design, advanced manufacturing technology and clothing comfort; Fashion marketing and its industrial economy management. Research on clothing product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, and fashion e-commerce, research on clothing industry economy, clothing logistics and supply chain management, clothing brand management, etc.

The specialized undergraduates can register for examination of the program, including fashion design and engineering, textile engineering, light chemical engineering, clothing marketing, computer technology, mechatronics engineering, automatic control, mathematics, etc.

Graduates will engage in research in universities, R&D Institutes, modern large and medium-sized enterprises on garment advanced manufacture, fashion design and management, development of high performance fabrics, etc. They can also engage in technology development, teaching and management.

Master of Engineering degree will be granted to students with qualified performance.

Fashion Art and Design

Fashion Art and Design programs aim to cultivate the development demand of modern creative industry, achieve the merge of engineering with art, creativity with technology, class with market, explore modern creative art education talents training mode of art and technology, built creative design education team and platform of art and technology, and cultivate creative design and management talents be able of creative theory research abilities and creative design practice abilities.

Students should have a solid foundation of theories and specialty knowledge, understand academic frontiers and pay attention to the innovation ability. We aim at developing the all-round art talents who can combine theory and application of research ability and design ability. Becoming fluent in a foreign language and be able to read important foreign works of the subject without difficulty.

Students study on the design method and application in theme, modeling, style, color, material and planning research. Through the study of fashion, dying and industrial arts history, build a high level for research. The graduates of this program have rich employment chance, such as fashion art design and management, fashion brand promotion, fashion culture broadcast, fashion activity organization, fashion media and other related work.