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Brief Introduction

   School of Fashion Engineering (SFE) is a multidisciplinary and coordinated developing school that based on the textile and fashion engineering technology, and incorporates many other subjects such as art design and management. SFE always follows its educational mission of serving the social and economic development supported by the industries and modern trade of Shanghai. Leading by the education of outstanding engineers, SFE has built a principle of “Tri-Cooperative Mode” of “Cooperative Education, Cooperative School-Running, and Cooperative Innovation” with industries. SFE is cultivating high quality applied talents with solid specialised knowledge and practical abilities, international sights, innovative thoughts, and teamwork spirits. To date, SFE has supplied more than 6000 graduates across the country; they are widely recognized by society.

    SFE consists of three departments (Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion Art, and Textile Engineering), two offices (school office and student office), and one laboratory management centre. SFE has a primary discipline master’s degree subject (Textile Science and Engineering, four secondary research directions) and a professional master’s degree (Art Design). There are four undergraduate subjects in the SFE: Fashion Design and Engineering, Textile Engineering, Fashion and Costume Design, and Performance (Fashion show and planning). Currently, there are 1516 undergraduates and 120 postgraduates enrolled in the school.

        After more than 30 years of development, a well-constructed teachers’ team with a strong ability of teaching and research has been established in the SFE, the teaching resources and facilities have also been enriched and perfected. In the recent five years, ten projects in ministerial and provincial-level have been successfully carried out within the school, eight ministerial and provincial prizes have been awarded; the school has two ministerial and provincial research bases, and co-founded a National Engineering Practical Education Centre with the enterprise. In addition, SFE owns a Fashion CAD Education Base, a 3-D Body Detection Base, a rapid reaction system for garment manufacturing, and a great hall for fashion show. There are also many labs and rooms in the SFE with different functionalities, such as jewelry processing, garment tailoring, specialised computer-equipped rooms, tie dyeing and wax printing, inkjet printing, dressing, fabric handle testing, fabric performance testing, knitting, and weaving.

         In recent years, SFE has been actively seeking international cooperation in education, established a close cooperative relationships with leading universities from France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, respectively. Specifically, SFE has successfully lunched China-Italy cooperation programmes: the ‘1+1+1’ master’s and ‘3+1’ bachelor’s degree programmes. Moreover, the school actively participates a variety of large-scale fashion shows, fashion performances, and creative activities in society, organised a lot of design competitions and model contests in China, the students have also been awarded many national and international prizes in fashion design and fashion show competitions. SFE has established firm school-enterprise strategic cooperation with companies, groups, and industrial clusters from Shanghai and the surrounding areas. As a result, SFE has earned a great reputation by the effect of school-running, awarded ‘the national advanced unit of the textile industry and talent development in 2015’ and ‘the national model school of the textile industry and talent development in 2016 by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC).

          SFE will follow the philosophy of schooling of Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES), keep improving, and develop innovatively to make more achievements in the four aspects of talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural heritage, continuously contributing to the development of a modern characteristic university of applied engineering!